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Family Holiday

Naturally clients flying with their families often have lots of questions – especially if they are new to private aviation.

So to make your decision to fly easier, we’ve compiled some helpful information below:


Private jet catering can be specially tailored for pregnant passengers according to both taste and medical advice. In the earlier stages of pregnancy, some women will prefer to avoid certain foods so our team will work with you to design a bespoke menu. Baby food and baby milk can be taken on board your private jet, or this can be arranged for you as part our the specialist catering arrangements.


There are many benefits to flying by private jet when pregnant – Avoid long periods standing in check-in or security queues, and exposure to lots of other people in crowded terminals and cabins.  Depending on which size of aircraft you have selected, many private jet seats recline, and flat beds are available on larger aircraft.


All babies must have a valid passport to travel by private jet. As with all private jet passengers, we will require passport details in advance. Pre-screening passengers before the flight allows us to ensure a swift and seamless process when you arrive at the private jet terminal or FBO.


You can take your child in a pram or pushchair right up to the aircraft steps, and it can be accessed in the luggage compartment or stored away in the cabin, for easy access. The pram or pushchair can then be ready and waiting as you leave your aircraft.


Most private jets have on-board entertainment systems, and the newest models also have Wi-Fi allowing you to stream your own content. We can arrange for entertainment and music according to your preference as well as books and toys. Unlike scheduled flights the in-flight entertainment can be switched on from the moment you’re aboard the aircraft, to ensure your children are happy and comfortable straight away.


Our team will be pleased to help arrange your ground transport to and from the private jet airport, ensuring baby or child car seats are in place, as required.


Oxygen Aviation’s team of private jet experts are available to assist you 24/7 by phone on: +44 1403 237 010 or by to Email: sales@oxygen.aero

Oxygen Aviation’s charter experts are available 24/7.  Enquire now for a free quotation. +44 1403 237 010