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Executive Airliner VIP

VIP Executive Airliners

Full-size planes with five star hotel room quality interiors.
Like a penthouse in the sky with bedrooms, walk-in showers and spacious cabin zones.

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Heavy Jets (Ultra Long Range)

Room for 12-16 passengers (and their luggage), and can travel journeys of up to 6,000 miles direct.
The ultimate choice for city pairs such as Nice to Hong Kong or Beijing to London.

Falcon 900

Heavy Jets

Long range jets are ideal for larger groups & longer routes. Up to 5,000 miles direct.
Perfect for routes like Rotterdam to Dubai or Paris to New York.

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Super Mid Size Jets

Comfortably seating 8-10 passengers, even with large amounts of luggage.
More affordable than many larger jet options.
Getting you to your destination quickly for a great price.

private plane mid size jet

Mid-Size Jets

6-8 passengers with a range of up to 5000km.
A mid size jet will get you there much faster than a lighter aircraft, with more luggage space and seating.
Capable of return trips within Europe between London to Faro or Moscow to Nice. A mid size jet is a very popular option.


Super Light Jets

Versatile & ideal for passengers visiting several destinations in one day.
An effective business tool, and a very popular category. Economical.

Learjet 40-45 XR Exterior

Light Jets

The ideal choice for short to mid-range city hops. With non-stop ranges of approximately 1700 miles, light jets can travel further and faster than turboprops.


VLJ – Very Light Jets

For up to five passengers, perfect for short trips. Flexible and cost-effective.

Turboprop Aircraft


For short & medium journeys, turbo prop planes can land on grass airstrips and short runways.
An economical way to fly for up to eight passengers.

Helicopter Hire


Excellent for short flights, helping you to reach remote destinations, sight see in the countryside and city, charter a helicopter and avoid peak time congested roads.

Oxygen Aviation’s charter experts are available 24/7.  Enquire now for a free quotation. +44 1403 237 010

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