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Dassault will deliver its first Russian Falcon 8X during 2017. The new Falcon tri-jet received US and European certifications earlier in 2016, and is expected to deliver to its first customers in the coming few weeks.

According to Dassault there are ‘several’ Russian customers for the Falcon 8X.

In a press release about Dassault’s participation in the 2016 Moscow JetExpo, the French manufacturer says that “Russian operators have already placed several orders for the new Falcon 8X flagship , which will be handed over to its first Russian customer in 2017.”

There are currently five Falcon 7Xs registered in Russia, with several more registered outside Russia but based within the country.

Of the aircraft on the Russian register there are two operating with the Russia State Transport Company, and a further two with Gazpromavia.

Further aircraft are based in the country but registered elsewhere, including Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man and Malta.

The company say they have delivered four Falcon 7Xs to Russian customers so far in 2016, and will deliver several more aircraft before the end of the year.

“This year Russia has been a bright spot in global business aviation, contrasting with the softness of the global market,” said Gilles Gautier, vice president, falcon sales Dassault Aviation. “There has been a lot of activity in the region and we are bullish about near and longer term prospects, especially once the economy gets going again.”

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