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How do I request a quote for my private jet flight?

To submit your flight request to our team of brokers click ‘Enquire now’ at the top of this page and fill in the contact form alternatively Email direct to sales@oxygen.aero or call our 24-hour number +44 1403 237 010. We will send your request out to our vast network of accredited aircraft operators to find you the best possible aircraft at the right price.

How soon will I receive the quote back for my flight request?

As soon as we receive your request we will respond with an acknowledgement and then begin work checking the market. We are not an automated booking platform, we are a team of traditional private jet brokers who call and Email the right aircraft operators using our extensive industry knowledge. Once we are certain we have the best aircraft options for your trip we will send them to you. We always aim to respond as quickly as we can.

Are the photos in your quotes of the individual aircraft you are offering, or a representation?

Wherever possible we endeavor to send you interior pictures of the actual aircraft you would be chartering, plus a floor plan detailing the cabin layout.

How many different aircraft options will you provide for my request?

The number of aircraft we will offer varies depending on the flight destination and passenger load. This is because only certain aircraft types are suitable to perform certain routes.  The availability of aircraft on the charter market is forever changing.  To ensure the greatest choice book early to avoid disappointment.

I’ve missed my scheduled flight. How quickly can I book a private jet?

Depending on the location of available aircraft, private jets can be organised very quickly. As soon as we receive your request we will use our live flight operational database to check for the nearest suitable aircraft.

What happens after I book my flight?

Once you have advised us that you wish to book we will send you a charter confirmation, which we shall ask you to sign and return to us. We will then confirm the flight with the aircraft operator. We will then send you an invoice to be paid in advance of the flight. See below for more information on this topic.  You then simply need to advise us of any catering requests, and send us the passport details for each of the passengers.

Can I buy just a seat?

Oxygen Aviation specialise in private jet charter, which means the hire of the whole aircraft. The price will remain the same with one seat filled or all the seats filled. Please note however that there will be a variation in cost if airport passenger tax is applicable to the flight.

What’s the difference between private jet charter and fractional ownership schemes?

Private jet charter is a one-off agreement with no long term financial commitment.  Fixed costs such as purchase of the aircraft, depreciation, pilot salaries, aircraft maintenance and insurances are paid for by the owner. When you charter an aircraft, you pay only for fuel, airport fees and any additional costs incurred such as parking, catering or aircraft de-icing.

Fractional ownership involves sharing the full cost of purchasing and operating an aircraft.

How much does it cost to travel by private jet?

The cost of flying by private jet depends on the length of time in the sky, the aircraft hourly rate, where the aircraft is positioning in from to perform your flight and airport fees.

All quotations that you receive from us are fully inclusive of all applicable taxes. Any additional costs incurred during the flight, for such things as aircraft de-icing or additional catering will be billed separately after the flight.

Can you smoke on Private Jet?

We can tailor your quotation to only include aircraft that meet your specified trip criteria, for example, a smoking allowed aircraft, new aircraft only, or pets in cabin allowed. Please give us all your criteria when sending your request or call us on +44 1403 237 010 to discuss your requirements further.

How can I pay for my private flight?

We accept payment by bank transfer or credit / debit card. We will send you an invoice containing our bank details for transferring funds upon receiving your booking. Alternatively, if preferable you can Email or call us with card details. Please be aware however that Sterling card transactions will incur an additional charge of 3% on top of the full charter price, USD and Euro will incur 3.5%.

What happens when I get to the Airport?

In most cases larger airports have dedicated buildings called FBOs (Fixed Based Operators) where private jet passengers check in for their flight.  Some airports may even have a separate private jet terminal. Depending on the airport Private jet passengers can often be driven straight through security to their aircraft. Normally the time between arriving at the private jet terminal to boarding your aircraft is less than 5 minutes. In the event of your flight being delayed, or if you have chosen to arrive early, the FBOs will usually have executive lounges for you to use.

Do I need to show my passport when travelling by private jet?

Oxygen Aviation recommend that our clients always travel with a passport, even for domestic flights within their own country.

Who will meet me when I arrive at the airport?

At your departure and arrival airport you will be escorted to/ from the aircraft by both the aircraft captain and a representative from the handling agent (or FBO).

Should you require ground transportation to or from the airport please ask your Oxygen Aviation Charter broker who will be more than happy to arrange this for you.

How will I know where to go when I arrive at the airport?

We will send you detailed directions to the airport facilities and your aircraft captain will be waiting to meet you.

Do I still have to clear customs/ immigration when travelling by private jet?

Customs and immigration procedures must be complied with for all private jet flights. Customers are often not aware of any checks taking place as in most cases these can be completed prior to the flight. At larger airports the private jet terminal will have dedicated customs and immigration staff.

At smaller airports it is rare to see Customs and Immigration officials although they will be aware of your flight and can occasionally make special visits to the airport to meet a flight.

Are private jets quicker than scheduled airliners?

The flying speed of a private jet varies dramatically depending on the aircraft type. The fastest civilian aircraft in the world the Citation X (ten) is a private jet, conversely, many of the smaller jets such as VLJs generally have lower maximum flight speeds than airliners. The majority of the time saved by flying privately is made on the ground. Minimal check in times, no delays waiting for luggage, and clearing customs makes flying by private jet much quicker than using a scheduled airline. Also on longer flights Air Traffic Control (ATC) will be able to offer private jets many more short cuts than a scheduled airline. This is because most private jets have a higher rate of climb and can fly higher than a normal air scheduled airline.

How can I be certain my charter aircraft is airworthy?

Oxygen Aviation only ever contacts commercially licenced air charter Operators for prices on your behalf.  The Operators are governed by their national civil aviation authority and will have to meet safety standards to remain licenced.

How many pilots will there be on my aircraft?

Oxygen Aviation always recommend that you have 2 pilots on every flight – indeed this is often a legal requirement depending on the type of aircraft.

Can I take my dog with me?

Your pet can fly in the cabin with you, so long you have acquired the appropriate travel documentation prior to the flight and the airports you are travelling to / from allow it. If you wish to double check whether pets are approved on your route please call or Email us.

What food will be served on board?

The catering budget will vary depending on the size of aircraft and the length of the flight. On small cabin aircraft catering will usually range from ‘snacks’ (for example crisps and nuts) up to VIP buffet food (finger sandwiches). Larger cabin aircraft which have galley facilities, catering can be prepared on-board and hot meals served. Special catering requests will always be accommodated where possible. All flights will include a fully licensed and stocked bar and soft drinks.

Can I order specific food on my private jet?

Special catering requests can nearly always be met as most jet Operators have relationships with catering companies or nearby restaurants and hotels.

Can I change the time of my departure?

Changing your departure is usually not an issue, but we ask that you give us as much notice as possible so that we have the opportunity to arrange new Air Traffic Control and airport slots to match your schedule.

Can I change the number of passengers, or names of persons travelling, at the last minute?

In most cases it is easy to add extra passengers onto a flight even at the last minute. However, to avoid any delays we advise that you contact Oxygen Aviation in advance of the flight. Please be aware that certain destinations require pre-clearance before arrival, which means all names of persons travelling must be received before the flight can take place.

It is also important to note that for shorter runways, there may be a limitation on the maximum number of passengers able to travel due to the aircraft landing and take-off weight limits.

Can I also book helicopters with Oxygen Aviation?

Oxygen Aviation has access to an extensive network of helicopters. Helicopter landing sites outside of airports require the landowner’s permission, therefore it is best to provide us with as much information about your desired trip in advance, so that we may find the nearest possible sites to your desired destination.